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About us

Our history

Segers Wire  was founded 70 years ago by Frans Segers in Belgium. Initially, the company manufactured only a limited range of swing stoppers and frames used in the production of bras. However it rapidly established itself as a supplier of high quality steel wire products within the agricultural, construction and retail industries.

Following Frans’ wife’s appointment as co-director, the company’s product range was expanded to include high quality galvanized steel hangers and other related steel wire articles. Thanks to its commitment to excellent customer service, superior workmanship and exceptional quality, Segers Wire swiftly defined itself as an important player in the industry.

At the age of 22, Gilbert Segers followed in his father’s footsteps and became an integral part of the family business. Under his parents’ tutelage, Gilbert worked his way up through the company and in 1970, became the company’s director. Over the years since and thanks to his extensive experience, he has succeeded in enhancing the company’s profile and broadening its core client base.

In 2003, Segers Wire relocated to a larger site in the Czech Republic. The site of 2,000 m² has enabled the company to further broaden its product range and services.

In December 2009, Isabelle Segers, daughter of Gilbert, became account manager for the Benelux region and the third generation family member to join the company. Her distinctly modern approach and commitment to developing its global profile, ensures that the company will continue to meet its high standards of steel wire products and services.

Our mission

Segers Wire strives to provide to its customers a unique bespoke service while maintaining exceptional quality and workmanship in the production of steel wire products.

With satisfied customers throughout the continent and as far apart as Guayana, Iceland, Morocco and Guadalupe, Segers Wire has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Custom made-to-measure steel wire products

Only the highest quality

More than 60 years’ experience in the manufacturing of wire articles

Worldwide shipping

Discover the quality of our steel wire wickets


Thanks to the flexibility of our machinery, we are able to manufacture wire articles based on your precise demands.


We know our business, thanks to more than 60 years of experience in the production of various wire articles.


We ship fast and worldwide.